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 Angry Birds

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PostSubject: Angry Birds   Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:33 pm

The storyline goes like this: The pigs have stolen eggs from the birds, and the birds is filled with furious anger! You can basicly quote Quentin Tarantinos version of Ezekiel 25:17 when it comes to the mindset of these birds after the filthy (but kinda cute) pigs stole their eggs.
The obvious question would be; How will the birds get the eggs back? Well, they are pissed off and isn't afraid of putting their lives on the line to take revenge.. Matter of fact they would do great honor to Japan as kamikaze pilots during the war since that is their only tactic until the pigs are destroyed.

Description of the game
It is basicly a strategic puzzle/platform game where you get a set of birds with up to 5 different abilities on different stages. You get the control of a slingshot and shoot the birds in different angles/speed to the air into a stockpile of wood, stone and other obstacles the pigs use as cover. The objective is to cause enough damage to the different types of pigs till you've exterminated them all.

Each stage has a star rating of up to 3 stars. The points you gather throughout each level determines how well you've done it. You also get points for each bird that's still alive after the deed is done.

Be warned, it is addictive and really fun so you might consume ALOT of time on it.

Platforms: PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, PC iPhone, iPad, Mac, Symbian, Android and probably a few more. It's sayd to come to Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii as well. Another fun fact is that they are already in the works of Angry Birds 2 and are talking about animated series for television.

Android - Free
iPhone/iPad - 1.99$
PS3/PSP - 3.99$
I got bored of googling prizes so hit up if you want to know the prize for your favourite platform.

If you want to check it out before you buy/download it you can click HERE to watch the ingame trailer on Youtube.

(PS: I did not take the screenshots for this review)
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Angry Birds
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