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 arcade games

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PostSubject: arcade games   Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:40 pm

first video game i every played(as a lot of people i assume) was one of those old stand up arcade cabinets. i recently have been researching building one im looking at possibly modifying the design quite a bit and am looking at 3 variants, mini cabinet basically just a greatly scaled down version of a full cabinet, half cabinet or bench top cabinet its a full cabinet but just have the top section everything from the control panel up, and a multi function full cabinet this would be something of a hybrid it will be a full size cabinet with full working arcade function but i will also mount in 1 or more gaming systems in a hidden compartment to change disks and store games controllers and other accessories.

all systems will be made out of plywood the electronics would be pc based with a striped down lcd as the display and sound output software would be a arcade emulator like Mame running on linux.

post your thoughts this would be an expensive undertaking so wont happen for a wile it at all, also i have a lot of info found on the subject if i get enough reply maybe i will make write up on it.
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arcade games
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