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 Duke Nukem Forever

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PostSubject: Duke Nukem Forever   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:44 am

Duke Nukem forever!!!

After 14 years of waiting the game has finally been released! cheers Theres been a lot of reviews out saying the game was not worth the wait. My opinion, no not really. Ive read thoes reviews and Sorta agree with soem of them the game isnt that great. I bought it anyway because, its duke dukem! One liners 1/2 naked women, Definatly not a game for children.. not even that great of game play really, but im still havign fun playing it Its like the old games, back from my day... Im playing on PC the 360 version i hear has alot of issues so i dont recoomend 360 version.

game controls are simple and dont take too much getting used to , E key is used to exit interactions as well as start them. You can draw on a whiteboard, sign autographs freehand using the mouse. Theres ALOT of toilet humor in the game, Well without givign too much info.. the first thing you do in the game is pee... yeah you pee. A golden stream with alot of spash... This is more a game for peopel who want to play just for the sake of playing.

If you go out to buy this game dont buy it expecting it to be great and you will enjoy it. If you go expecting that it will be the next best thing.. you will be very dissapointed.

I'm a gamer and I approve this message!
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Duke Nukem Forever
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