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 [PROPOSITION] Proposed events to garner activity

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Clan Lieutenant
Clan Lieutenant

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PostSubject: [PROPOSITION] Proposed events to garner activity   Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:30 am

This being the first post on the forums of the year and all and we're already almost a month in I propose an event or few to hopefully gain a bit of momentum in the forums.

NOTE: I have no power to enact these or enforce these; they are just propositions. Perhaps though if these plans are not acceptable, someone with a background in advertising or something like that could make a better proposition.

1) I haven't registered in a while. ;P But if there's a referral system, then I propose a referral period.
1a) After this period, then the user with the most active referrals gets a prize as well as their most active referral (perhaps with a requirement on the original user's activity as well).
1b) Obvious safeguards to prevent multi-accounts and pruning of obvious garnering post count posts (ie. spam).

2) Most active user(s) get a prize at the end of a specified period. (perhaps every three months as a reoccurring contest if the forums are active enough)
2a) Obvious safeguards to prevent multi-accounts and pruning of obvious garnering post count posts (ie. spam). (totally copidy pastied)

3) A contest to design a better theme.
3a) Obviously must be game related.
3b) Personal preference would be a multitude of games and genres if possible (we're not a single genre community after all).
3c) Hopefully this would also line up with better incorporation into the website as well.

Anyone else have any activity increasing propositions? Even the, rather active compared to this, Facebook group could use a suggestion or two.
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[PROPOSITION] Proposed events to garner activity
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