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 The Wishlist O Doom

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PostSubject: The Wishlist O Doom   The Wishlist O Doom I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 11:27 am

Hey all. This is.. a brilliant idea, I have to say. I think it's exactly what we need to kind of turn the image of gamers around (this and Childs Play, but the difference here is that whereas Childs Play always had celebrities backing it, this is just gamers for gamers). I'll have to do up a list of things I'm actually able to offer, but figured I'd do up a list of stuff.

Sega Dreamcast: When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to have most of the major systems at one point or another. One day, after finding out the local rental place had the awesomeness that is the Sega Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure, I went to rent it only to find out that their RF modulator was broken. I tried to rent it many many times, running into this problem every time, we just couldn't hook it up to any TV and get it working. Finally, before they closed, I got to play Sonic Adventure for 24 hours, and it was awesome! They sold the dreamcast as part of their liquidation and I never saw it again, nor did I ever get a chance to play it again since. So many games I would have loved to play.. Skies of Arcadia, the proper arcade ports of the Gauntlet games.

Earthbound: I sincerely doubt it, but I more or less felt like I wanted to tell the story. I actually owned the full Earthbound cartridge and book box and everything. I first played and beat it on a hot summers week, and the story touched me. Ever summer after that, when it got hot, I'd set up the SNES in my grandparents concrete basement (while my grandfather was still alive) and play it. I roughly played through the game once or more a year until I went to university. When I came home from university, the game was nowhere to be found... my mother had thrown it out while cleaning assuming the box was just empty. Like I said, it's not like someone is just going to donate a $130.00-$500.00 game, but it's called a wishlist, right? Smile

Warhammer 40k Tabletop Starter Kit: This is also a tale from my youth. In early high school, a friend of mine who had the privilege of getting to live in Toronto during some of the year started to tell me about Warhammer 40k, and how it was basically toy wars. I actually never got to play it, because I lived in a small town where the gaming population approaches 0. Now that I live in a city, I've always wanted to give it a shot.

WoW / Xbox Live 1 year Subscription: There is really no dramatic back story behind this

The Cake: .. Because somewhere, deep in my heart of hearts, I know it's really not a lie. Very Happy
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The Wishlist O Doom
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