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 Sniper Elite!

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PostSubject: Sniper Elite!    Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:30 pm

Sniper Elite! Not a game for the impatient! Ill warn you now! Me and someone else else quite a few years ago playing this game, 4 hours on 1 level alone! not level 1 but... If you die you restart on that level. You have to know exacly where everything is and were everything WILL be. I don't thinks its possible to play this game without dying once.. i could be wrong, in fact if i am i would love to meet the player who does it and watch them to prove it.

Honestly though i do enjoy the challenge. its been a few years since i played but when i do again, i know i'm going to die many times and probably have a few drinks too. when you get a real good headshot with the sniper rifle. Camera pans in on the bullet, goes slow motion and hits the target. Can have wind and gravity affect the bullets as well. Its a game with a challenge.. i still haven't been able to beat the game either.

Good game for those who are patient and like a REAL challenge. if your impatient, don't play it seriously.. unless you like getting annoyed at the game Very Happy

I'm a gamer and I approve this message!

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Sniper Elite!
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