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 DC Universe online

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Demented Puppy
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PostSubject: DC Universe online   Mon Jan 17, 2011 4:00 pm

So, as some of you know i recently purchased DC universe online. played it over the weekend and thought id let you guys and gals know what i think so far.

Character Customization: This part of the game is alot of fun, you have multiple powers to choose from and multiple fighting skills, 3 movement types, acrobatics, flight and super speed. Gives you a good option to choose from. During creation you can choose your mentor as well. there is 3 path for each side, tech, mutant and magic, for the heroes its, batman (tech) superman (mutation.. genetic thing i guess) and wonderwoman (magic, for the side of the villans you get Joker (tech), lex luthor (genetics aka mutation) and circe (magic)

Not to mention the skins and equipment customization, even during the game you can change your equipment, get styles and change the look! changing equipment can change what your character is wearing but you can change the style so they don't loose bonuses, only change the look to what you had origionaly or to whatever look of equipment you got during the game.

Controls: SO game controls take a bit of getting used to and theres still a few bugs to be worked out. but after you get used to it its not so bad. mouse to view and attack, most everything else is controlled by keyboard including special abilities you learn as you level.

Game play: Some of the gameplay and story lines is amazing, you get to fight along side heroes or villans depending on your chosen path, the missions are fun as well, wich you can play alone or with friend. Once you get to level 9 theres also pvp as well as instances you can do. (you can que up anywhere as well and go back to where you were when your done.) been having fun in area 51. Decent equipment from there..

Speaking of PvP though theres 2 types, one with your character and one you can unlock heros to fight each other, 4 vs 4 battles , so far i only have robin unlocked... haven't tried that one yet.

Theres 2 type of servers, PvE and PvP. I'm on a PvE right now and yes you can flag yourself PvP and fight villan players or heros depending on your faction. The unoffical RP server for those who are looking for it is 'Virtue and Vice' . Thats the one I'm on testing things out.

leagues: You can group together in leaved with friedns, there kinda like guilds or alliances. not much else to say about them yet.

Leveling: As you fight or complete mission you can xp to level wich gives you skill point to put into ability trees. Also good for customizing yourself as you level defining the way you want to play. If you mess up you can change it through your base. Certain abilites only get unlocked when you reach a certain level (9 for movement abilites) and you still got to put points into them to activate it.

Okay so far i got the customization (theres ALOT), controls (need work) gameplay (yay) and pvp, leveling, oh yeah chat!

Chat: needs bugs worked out but not to bad once it gets fixed.
Basicly theres 3 diffrent chats, switchign between them is a bit of a pain at the moment, theres general chat combat and league chat. all 3 need some work. but should be okay once done.

That all i can think of right now, If you ahve any questions feel free to post them below and ill answer to the best of my ability. Also check out the website to see the trailer video wich is pretty awesome, Or to get more info and character bios!

I'm a gamer and i approve this message! Very Happy

p.s.. yeah my spelling sucks i know Very Happy
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Clan Sargent
Clan Sargent

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PostSubject: Re: DC Universe online   Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:30 am

Anyone notice the movements for the acrobatics are exactly like prototype, right down to your character doing the gliding motion when you double tap jump when climbing a wall?
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DC Universe online
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